About Tong Bee Construction

Tong Bee Construction was established in 1988, and incorporated as a Private Limited company in 1990. Tong Bee Construction was a modest home-grown joint venture between two brothers, which has since grown in strength into one of the leading civil engineering companies in Singapore.

Tong Bee Construction’s brand is widely recognized in the industry and is synonymous with providing top-notch premium quality services in areas such as Civil and Infrastructure works, road works, drain works and external works.

The Company has been able to cater to a wide range of industrial needs from high-tech industrial facilities, iconic commercial buildings, and prestigious institutions to roads, bridges and infrastructures. Tong Bee Construction tenders for both public and private civil engineering and infrastructure projects as well as maintenance projects.

The team at Tong Bee Construction has continuously impressed and surpassed the expectations of our customers with our civil engineering and infrastructure works, having been part of iconic projects in Singapore like REC Singapore, one of the world’s largest solar manufacturing plant, Siltronic Samsung Wafer Plant, Singapore’s first 300mm wafer fab plant and Intel Micron Flash. After its successful venture in these three major projects, Tong Bee embarked on numerous iconic civil and infrastructure projects such as the Ng Teng Fong Hospital which recently opened in 2015.

Tong Bee Construction’s proven success has been further affirmed with awards and accreditations such as the BizSafe Star certification, ISO9001 and OHSAS14001.

We are committed to delivering quality in our products and services. At Tong Bee Construction, we are positioned to accelerate its success with constant innovation and we are confident of excelling and growing our Company.



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